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House Build #38

Date: November 24- March 30 2022

 Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

 Sign up!

Help us provide affordable homeownership for residents of Muskogee. We will need volunteers at the build site starting November 24th. You do not need to have any previous skills to help!


We want you to participate in upcoming events which help provide Muskogee Oklahoma with affordable housing. 

Our events are fun and exciting. To participate as a volunteer in any of our events please fill out the volunteer form.


New Director!

Muskogee Habitat for Humanity has hired on new Executive Director, Kelsey Cheatham (left). Kelsey will be leading MHFH to help provide affordable housing to residents in Muskogee, Oklahoma. 

Kelsey has previous experience with social services and is excited to work with the group at Muskogee Habitat for Humanity.

House build #38

Date: September 2022-February 2023

Please sign up!

We will be building a two bedroom house for a Muskogee County resident. We cannot do it without volunteer participation. Volunteers under 18 are encouraged to participate, but have restrictions at the construction site. 

Affordable housing is our goal. You can sign up to volunteer with us! You can also donate to benefit this Habitat home!!